Spider-Man at Oakland Mall

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The Amazing Spider-Man was at Oakland Mall on Friday, and so I took my son along to meet the guy. After all, who doesn’t want to meet our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? Particularly, I might add, when he’s hanging out just outside of Cinnabon.

If you want to meet Spider-Man, you have to have a ticket. Strangely enough, an attempt to get a ticket proved fruitless because they didn’t have any yet and we were instructed to stand in the stand-by line. Fair enough. Also, Spider-Man was ten minutes late. Probably, he was fighting Venom in Hazel Park, and then Doctor Octopus in Grosse Pointe (he was using all of his arms to place issues of the Metro Times open and around the library).

Eventually, the web-slinger emerged from a Kay Jeweler or something, and the gathered kids whooped and shrieked with glee. Man, though – that suit is tight. Despite his obviously busy schedule as a photographer, crime-fighter, etc, he stuck around to have his photo taken with one kid after another, including mine.

Then from out of Hot Topic, the Sinister Six emerged and started shooting up the balloon stand and Panda Express. Spidey spun a web like a pro and trapped them all in the baby-changing bathroom. The crowd went wild.

The last bit might not be completely true. Rather, Spidey got changed and probably went to hang out at the food court, eyeing up some local ladies. Something like that. But anyway, Spider-Man was at Oakland Mall on Friday.

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