Report says Detroit is the third worst city for Halloween

Oct 25, 2017 at 11:52 am
Theatre Bizarre - Trever Long
Trever Long
Theatre Bizarre

Financial website "WalletHub" released a report on the best and worst cities for you to spend your Halloween in. Turns out, Detroit is one of the worst.

Of course, this is all based on their own findings (we know how much fun Halloween can be here) that are broken down into three different categories: "Trick-or-Treater-Friendliness," "Halloween Fun," and "Halloween Weather."

While Detroit scored in the middle of the pack for Halloween Fun and Weather, what we really hurt our score is the Trick-or-Treater-Friendliness.

Friendliness for trick-or-treaters measures out the crime rate of the city against the amount of potential trick-or-treaters and houses that could pass out candy.

Since Detroit was just named the most violent city in America by the FBI it's not too surprising that WalletHub ranked us third from last on city crime rate. Detroit ranked the absolute worst for lowest percent for trick-or-treat stops.

Detroit also ranked low in the number Halloween costume shops, but that doesn't seem very fair considering how many people go with homemade costumes nowadays.

So we suppose that if you have children, Detroit may not be the absolute best (we wholeheartedly disagree), but we for sure know that Detroit is super fun for Halloween for those about the age of 21.

With some of the absolute best Halloween parties (two weekends of Theatre Bizarre, anyone?) or an abundance of haunted houses and hayrides in the burbs, our city is a great spot to celebrate on the best holidays around.