Motor City Cribs

May 30, 2007 at 12:00 am
Bad Thoughts skinsman Sam Consiglio’s home is a bargain. For the price you’d pay in some cities just to park your car, the former Tamion 12-Inch and Adult. guitarist has a huge three-story house. He shares the place — on Trumbull in Detroit’s Woodbridge neighborhood — with three roommates.


There’s lots of space for living and creating. There’s the basement to jam in and a cavernous attic for art projects and for creating theatrical performance sets — like the set for Consiglio’s theater “show” called Perfect Wieners and Butts. Butts is, by the way, kinda like Liquid Sky crossed with Ween crossed with LCD Soundsystem. It’s a purposely stupid rock club opera performance piece that sees Danzig morph into Cher and features such Consiglio should-be hits as “I’m Going to Night School.”

While those with a sense of humor can bust a gut at the musical journey, Perfect Wieners and Butts wins the wrath of Danzig lunkheads around the world. A video of Butts is available on YouTube and here are a few typical postings that accompany it: “Whoever made this one is a stupid turd” or “You suck” or “WOW you go [sic] somebody mad with your sissy video.”


This fall, Consiglio’s leaving his Trumble manse — where he’s lived for five years — to get his MFA in Multimedia Performance at New York University. As cheap as his place is, it’s in need of some repair and lacks many mod cons like air conditioning. “While this place is financially low-maintenance it’s physically high-maintenance,” Consiglio says. “My house has heaven and hell in reverse order. The attic is sweltering and the basement is comfortable.”