Letters to the Editor

Elder's wisdom

Loved Jack's article about "greasy Mike" Bishop ("Bought and paid for," Sept. 22). I went to the mat with Mike Bishop for a couple of years, trying to finally get Michigan free of smoke in restaurants. At one point he advised me to go a website that listed more than 300 smoke-free restaurants in Michigan. Most of them were places like Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, Subway, etc. My favorite was "Steamers" in the Troy Public Library — hardly a place where you'd like to spend a quiet evening, sipping a glass of wine. 

Bishop finally had to give in and bend to the majority of voters who wanted clean air. He has stalled, voted no, and refused to allow too many issues to even come up for a vote, as he is doing now with the DRIC. Thankfully, come January, he will be gone.

As for "Matty" Moroun: Well, what can we say? The only issue I have with Jack is his description of Moroun: "at 83, he is older than dirt." I am 82 and often jokingly describe myself as older than dirt. But it's not pleasant to have others do so. I still keep up with what's going on in Michigan and the world and let my voice be heard — more often than those much younger than I am who are "too busy."

So don't write off Moroun's age as his excuse for being a selfish billionaire. There are a lot more selfish billionaires and millionaires much younger than Moroun. —Jean Barnard, Sterling Heights

What about the movie?

Re: Your review of Machete ("Borders on absurd," Sept. 8), it seems you guys really are bent against libertarian thought. Every time the word libertarian is mentioned, it is usually followed by an insult of one kind or the other. Have you forgotten the great things that have come recently out of libertarian-inclined people? What about the "end the Federal Reserve" movement? As for Alex Jones, he can be a bit of an emotional windbag at times, but his fear of globalists is well-warranted. While your review of Machete criticized him ardently, there is no refuting the facts he referenced in his radio show, and that is because none of them is false. There have been many politicians who have openly called for a one-world government, and there are steps being taken to that end. I also back up Alex Jones when he says, "I want all illegal immigrants deported!" In order to maintain the sovereignty of a nation, that nation must have clearly defined borders and must enforce the rules of immigration. —David Seaver, St. Clair Shores

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