Letters to the Editor

Feb 25, 2004 at 12:00 am

Telling tales out of school

Re: “Teacher’s pets” (Metro Times, Feb. 18). It angers me how the Roseville School District could keep this monster preying on young girls for almost 20 years, fully knowing the complaints from children and parents. The district pushed paper — and moved Lomnicki around from school to school knowing his problem. There should be an investigation into this foot-dragging. The parents of children in Roseville are safe from him now, while he’s serving 18 to 36 years, but why did it take so long? —Joe Baker, St. Clair Shores


Praying for justice

I was captivated by the story of Vidale McDowell (“Confessions & recantations,” Metro Times, Jan. 21) and pray for justice and peace for these young men. More importantly, I hope your article sheds new light for the authorities and helps them bring the real killer to justice. —Tamiko Crowe-Walker, Lincoln Park


How lovely indeed

As one who marched in Washington in the ’70s against the Vietnam War, and who marched again 13 months ago against the war in Iraq, I would like to thank you for your commentary on Robert McNamara (“The Fog of Terror,” Metro Times, Jan. 28). I agree with your take on this once-powerful man and the insanely tragic consequences of his decisions. Incidentally, I believe I read recently he has a beautiful home in Aspen, Colo. How lovely for him and his loved ones! —Denny Bradin, Rochester


If it bleeds, it leads

Many thanks to Jack Lessenberry for telling the truth (“How the media choose a president,” Metro Times, Feb. 4) regarding the obvious prejudices against the city of Detroit in the Detroit media.

In the summer of 1995, while I was working as an art therapist at Freedom House (Detroit-Windsor Refugee Coalition), I coordinated the mural “Diversity Is Our Strength” on the back wall of Los Galanes Restaurant in Mexican Town. We had 75 people of all ages, races and many nationalities paint the mural over a five-week time period. It was a wonderful, uplifting event, a peak experience for many of us who were involved in the project. However, we received no media attention at all.

My husband suggested we should tow a junk car under the mural, set it on fire and fire a few blanks in the air, and then maybe we would have gotten some coverage. —Anne Jantz, Troy


Back fence journalism

I agree with Jack Lessenberry’s article “Anatomy of a Smear” (Metro Times, Feb. 18). Much of today’s "respectable" media lose control when it comes to breaking news. Every network competes to find the most scandalous and interesting stories about public figures. Granted, the more they uncover, the higher their ratings, but — what is America coming to? Whether or not the news is fact or pure speculation matters not to viewers. Rumors are assumed to be true, forever tainting the character of the individual in question. It is extremely uncivilized. It also puts other more important issues aside, which does not benefit society at all. —Alyssa Kehrig, Shelby Twp.


Another view

Jack Lessenberry fudges the truth in “The truth about the caucuses” (Metro Times, Feb. 11). He states that “Voting is the only way we have to get rid of screwballs and evildoers.” The Supreme Court of the United States, not American voters, put the man in office who smoked the Iraqi madman out of his hole. The judges didn’t fudge. Hats off to the Supremes, Jack. —Martin Yanosek, St. Clair Shores



In “Romancing the tone” (Metro Times, Feb. 18), the label bassist Paul Keller’s runs was misidentified as BoPo. It is named PKO. Also, Mr. Keller came to Ann Arbor with drummer Pete Siers. Eddie Russ had always been in Ann Arbor. Also, in “Art for adults” (Metro Times, Feb. 18), the International Academy of Design and Technology was mistakenly placed in Novi. It is in Troy at Stephenson and Maple.

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