Letters to the Editor

Netting praise

My name is Chris Moskal, I am Brandon Lesner’s step-dad. Brendon was mentioned in your recent article on the Wheelchair Hockey League ("They roll! They score!," MT, Nov. 29-Dec. 5).

I just wanted to let you know that you did a outstanding job on the article on the WCHL. These are some great kids and it’s nice to see them get the recognition that they deserve. I had the pleasure of being named the assistant coach for the all-star team that went to Toronto this past spring, and let me tell you it will always be a great highlight in my life.

In sports you always hear how the professionals overcome the odds to reach their goals. These players of the WCHL have the heart, pride, love and passion for the game of hockey that, in my opinion, has never been seen before!

Thank you for the kind words in your article. —Chris Moskal, [email protected], Holly

Juicy memories

I ran across Liz Langley's article on having kids, Cher and the Catholic Church ("Mass produced," MT, Dec. 6-12). It sounds like the decision not to have children is a good one for Liz. Raising your own children appears to require something that she does not possess. Whatever that may be, it's certainly not talent. She writes well.

I spent time in a Catholic orphanage; St. Francis Home for Boys in Detroit. It's now called the Paul Robeson Academy. A lot of bad stuff happened there. A lot of good stuff also happened there. But, since no news is good news, most folks don't hear about that. I was treated with kindness and compassion while I was there. I was not sexually abused.

I drive by Linwood and Fenkell and see the place fairly often. It has a powerful effect on me even now. Have you ever remembered a place from childhood that seemed really huge — but looks unremarkable when seen through adult eyes? Well, the building isn't subject to that phenomenon. It appears reassuringly massive even now. —Brian O'Malley, [email protected], Royal Oak

Light on Scott

I enjoy reading MT on line during my lunch hour. I especially enjoyed the recent article about Jill Scott ("Herself every time," MT, Dec. 6-12). Several people have mentioned her and I didn't know who she was. Thanks, MT, for putting some light on her, especially since she will be in concert in Detroit. —Teressa Butler, Detroit

Radio rules

Hey, the MT radio station (radio.metrotimes.com) is really cool. How about some more Motown music and some more techno? Good luck with the idea. —Kevin Hall, Cambridge, Mass.

Adam Druckman replies: Well Kevin — since mtRadio only plays Detroit-area bands, we like to think it's all "Motown" music. But seriously... if you're referring to Berry Gordy's more famous mid-'60s variety, that's a little outside of our scope. mtRadio exists to promote current Detroit artists. Thus, we only play tunes sent to us by the artists themselves. Speaking of which, we'd love to play more techno. Here's an open call to Detroit's techno scene — send us your tunes!

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