Letters to the Editor

Our readers sound off on Theatre Bizarre, Virg Bernero and more

Nov 3, 2010 at 12:00 am


Wait, did Jack Lessenberry really just endorse a Maroun lackey (albeit unenthusiastically) for governor ("Snyder's shortfalls," Oct. 27)? Perhaps he should refer back to his last, I don't know, 30 articles or so to remind himself how he feels about Matty's political puppets. As long as he's going to throw his vote away on a loser, why not throw it at a loser who hasn't already disappointed him with his corruption, and has no reason to compromise the ideals he shares (education funding, progressive taxes, environmental and social justice, etc.)? Lessenberry has been speaking Green for years; this might have been be a perfect time to try voting that way. —Chad Gilchrist, Hazel Park

Destroying our dreams

I read Doug Coombe's story on Theatre Bizarre (Motor City Cribs, Oct. 27) and found myself agreeing with everything he wrote about how the city of Detroit continuously finds reasons to squash what little expression crops up around this burg.

Before I read your story, I read the Free Press article concerning Theatre Bizarre a few days ago (yes, someone still pays for and reads the newspaper). Dismayed by what I read, I wrote every City Council member about letting the show go on as usual. Suffice it to say, I was quoted a bunch of rhetoric about how they had "flown beneath the radar" and "broken the law."

I found it funny at first. Now I'm just angry. As I'm a law student, I'll not make excuses. They did break building code laws, but I refuse to believe that it was "below the radar" for almost 10 years. Someone, somewhere, among city officials and police, knew. If, for so long, it had not been a problem worth attending to, why now? Why blow the horn and charge in to shut it down? Why would you want to anyway? Our streets teem with the lost, beaten and silently suffering. Buildings are burned out every year, on schedule, like a train passing in the night. The few of us who look inward and try (most often in vain) to do something worthwhile in hopes of breaking the destructive cycle of apathy are stopped — and they destroy our attempts, our dreams.

Like I stated, I will not let excuses be made. But at some point, you have to let the rules be broken, so order will arise from the chaos. Maybe I'm a dreamer. Maybe ...

I just wanted to say thank you for writing the article. Although it was short, it was spot-on and very much needed. —J Quan Alexander Blanding, Detroit


I just read Doug Coombe's article on Theatre Bizarre. I applaud him and his work! I am a strident supporter of Theatre Bizarre and have continued to feel heartbreak over each new development. The city of Detroit government is the architect of its own demise; persecution of Theatre Bizarre is the latest proof. Keep up the good work, continue to give voice to this injustice and put pressure on those who would demolish all of the positive "underground" doings in the city. —Melissa Weise, Troy

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