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No praise for Kwame

Let me say up front I was an appointee of former Detroit Mayor Dennis W. Archer. I read with interest the article, "The tragedy of Kwame" (Dec. 22), and must say Kwame was truly a tragedy for the city of Detroit. The article states, "The tragedy is that so many other qualities were evident: Charisma, intelligence, an ability to inspire others." Hello? "Charisma, intelligence, an ability to inspire others"? Give me a break! I never saw any of those qualities. What I saw was Detroit become the butt of jokes on late night television and an international disgrace because of Kwame. What I saw was a sociopath, who had a gift of gab, and would use others for his own personal gain. Remember Christine "Do you know who the f--- I am" Beatty? A $1,000 suit and $400 alligator shoes didn't impress me. He was an empty suit. There's a certain amount of decorum that must go with the office of mayor, and Kwame didn't have it and wasn't ready for prime time, and it's painfully evident the city of Detroit is suffering today and has been for the past number of years because of "The tragedy of Kwame." —Thomas A. Wilson Jr., Detroit

'Tiny little mind'

Re: "Ain't seen nothin' yet" (Dec. 22), here we go again — Jack Lessenberry is showing again how his tiny little mind works. Whatever the left does is a godsend; the right is pure evil. Jack seems to forget that, though the world wasn't perfect by any means during the Bush administration, that unemployment was lower, people were happier, and that our country was just an overall better place. It's 2006, and here come the Democrats in the Senate and Congress ... yay! Let the downfall begin. Our savior, Barack Obama is elected! Sing from the heavens! We do that and then proceed to not only watch our country turn into shit, we watch our media lie, lie, and lie some more, just like Jack ... sorta. Our president apologizes for us over and over like we've done wrong, but that's OK, right Jack? In Jack's latest "leftist masterpiece" he goes on to bash the GOP with his childish liberal dreams and wants. It's easy to say that the GOP blocked safety reform and make that sound bad. Well, Jack, why did they do that? I'm sure it's not because they didn't want 9/11 responders to have health care. Why don't you tell us what the Democrats attached to that bill. Earmarks and pork! And about the DREAM act, you tell us what the main point of the bill was, but why did it get blocked, Jack? What else was in that bill?

I don't know if you get it Jack. You're a writer but you write columns that only show one side of the story. You teach — which is a scary thought — and you're educated. That doesn't mean that you are intelligent. Please think before you write, and when you plan to bash a group of people and tell why every breath they take is wrong, please don't forget to tell us why they did what they did. —Mike Conte, Roseville

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