Letters to the Editor

Thoughts on helmets, contradictions and more

Oct 17, 2012 at 12:00 am

Going to helmet

Nice photo of Alex Wojcik on his bike ("Tapping the brakes" Sept. 19). He will continue to look good if he always remembers to wear a bike helmet on all rides! —Sharon K. Wieland, Ann Arbor 



Jack slapped

I'm confused.

In his current column ("Those ballot props" Oct. 3), Jack Lessenberry claims that "Election Day really should be democracy's highest holiday," then expresses support for the emergency manager law.

How can someone support both democracy and fascism, when they are polar opposites? —Don Handy, Mount Clemens



From pols to the public

As regards Jack Lessenberry's comment on Proposal 4: Jack was right for sometime in the last century.  Unfortunately, the politicians have taken themselves seriously to the point where even "begging" (delegations and letters to politicians are the most debased form of "begging") is not able to pierce their corrupt-shield of corporate-inspired "rectitude" — because home care folk don't have the money to counter hospital and nursing home association lobbies.

I suspect that Proposal 4 is harbinger of what's to come as more groups realize that you can't squeeze justice out of bought legislatures.  I also bet that Michigan had better put in early voting or suffer the fate of interminable lines that other places exhibit.

But, of course, Republicans love long lines!  They realize how dumb they were to agree to the "more Democracy" that early voting amounts to.  The Republicans are a bit like the "virgin" that locked her ankles too late! —John Kavanaugh, Detroit