Jeffrey Morgan’s Media Blackout

Don’t worry, Kyoko, Mummy’s just looking for her MB59 in the snow!

Jeffrey Morgan’s Fully Erect Media BlackoutMy Column’s New Vertical Format :: It don’t mean a thing if it don’t make me schwing!

The Rolling StonesSuper Bowl XL (FOX) :: Everything seems to be ready, are you ready?

DisneyPixar ($teve Jobs) :: Walt would’ve loved the new digital animation technology, but he would’ve hated that his own animators couldn’t master it.

DeerhoofThe Runners Four (Kill Rock Stars) :: They’re still as demented as ever and that’s good. They’re also beginning to remind me of Yoko Ono and that’s bad.

D.O.A.War On 45 (Sudden Death) :: What are these naïve America-bashing Canadian kids good for? Absolutely nothing.

Young CanadiansNo Escape (Sudden Death) :: What are these Canadian power pop punks good for? Absolutely something, play it again.

Fenix TxPurple Reign In Blood (Adrenaline) :: With a witty album title like that I was hoping to hear an album of Prince Slayer tunes not a raucous remake of CCR’s "Fortunate Son."

The WBUPN (The CW) :: I knew the WB was in trouble when they chose Michigan J. Frog as their logo mascot instead of Marvin Martian.

Raul MidonState Of Mind (Manhattan) :: What do I call a guy who sings like Stevie Wonder and actually has Old Blind Eyes hisself playing harp on a track? I call him mellow, fellow.

DonovanGreatest Hits (Epic) :: Unlike Donno who had Led Zeppelin and the Jeff Beck Group backing him.

SIZZLING PLATTER OF THE WEEK: Anoushka ShankarRise (Angel) :: And speaking of Led Zep, if you’ve worn out your vinyl copies of "Kashmir" and "In The Evening" now’s the time to upgrade to the real thing.

Be seeing you!

Jeffrey Morgan is a freelance writer. Send comments to [email protected]
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