Update: Is Uber being hacked by a Muslim sex-trafficking ring? Probably not, but this woman thinks so

Aug 26, 2016 at 12:57 pm
click to enlarge Update: Is Uber being hacked by a Muslim sex-trafficking ring? Probably not, but this woman thinks so
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Update, August 26, 12:25 pm: 

A woman claiming to be the person who wrote the Facebook post has reached out to Metro Times via email with the following statements (reprinted verbatim). 

"This happened to two people, not just me
The Facebook post has not been removed.
I did not try to hide this from my parents considering one is dead and the other is aware of the situation
We are following this up with the police department."

Metro Times reached out to the Hamtramck Police Department, and according to Police Chief Anne Moise, "I cannot find a police report filed and have spoken with the detectives and none are investigating the events." 

Chief Moise added that she could not comment on the veracity of the events as described by the post. 


We caught wind of a very alarming Facebook post yesterday afternoon. A tipster sent us a screenshot of a post from someone who claimed they'd been nearly abducted in 'the ghetto of Hamtramck to essentially get MURDERED' (emphasis theirs).

Needless to say, we were a bit skeptical.

Not wanting to add any fuel to the xenophobia fire, we opted not to publish anything regarding this screenshot. To us, it read more like someone crafting a tale of peril to throw authority figures (read: her parents) off the scent of her own debauchery — oh hey Ryan Lochte — but Ypsi blogger Mark Maynard's response (and the accompanying commentary) to the post is too good not to report. 

So here goes. 

First, the post, which allegedly chronicles an incident that happened after the Mad Decent Block Party at the Russell Industrial Center, has since been removed by the poster (after she also opted to post it all over Facebook, including Electric Forest page because why not?) from what we can tell. But of course, nothing is ever truly removed from the Internet.  

Ok, girl. 

The post began making its rounds, drawing ire from Hamtramckans and concern from people who probably have never been to Hamtramck, and Maynard highlighted it on his blog stating: 
"Based on her original post and her comments that followed, she seems sincere, and I’m not going to just assume, like a lot of folks have, that all of this is pure fiction... For all I know, she really did have a bad experience with an Uber driver who she felt intended to do her harm, and, if that’s the case, I think she probably did the right thing by trusting her gut, and getting herself out of that situation. With that said, the rest of her story does not jive with what I know to be true about Hamtramck, which is actually a beautiful town with decent cell coverage. Also, having been to Kelly’s Bar, I don’t really see them as being the kind of folks who would be “in on it” with a gang of Muslim hacker super-criminals who have constructed a system to export sex slaves from Hamtramck. No, I think they’re probably content just to serve drinks."

We hopped into the comments and came up with a few gems, enjoy and as Maynard suggested, "In the meantime, keep your eyes open and be safe, especially if you’re in Hamtramck, where society seems to be unraveling at the seams."

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Apparently Jesus' art fair is a hub of prostitution! <clutches pearls>


Well played, sir. Well played.