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In the ten sloppy Marches since its inception, the Metro Times Blowout has expanded from two nights, a few bars and a handful of bands to a four-night, multi-venue romp fueled by the fried nerves, fizzing creativity, bursts of cocksure (or misguided) swagger and eager Molson drunks of more than 250 local artists. And the 2007 Blowout X lineup is more diverse than ever, often within the lineup of one venue. There are east side hard rock bands, emcees from Pontiac, and dudes who make music via mouse click. There are veterans and there are babies. There are seven-grain-bread folk singers followed by strutty young Mick Jagger acolytes, Downriver rockers and teen titan next-gen combos, girl bands who don't take shit from anyone, and some bands who don't give a shit about anything. There's even a jug band. A jug band? Come on, what is this? Metro Times Blowout 1907?

But we want it that way. We want every musical angle the area has to offer, all crammed into the multi-ethnic environs of Hamtramck, our character-filled nook within the island that we call Detroit. Because as sure as your boot heel will inevitably splash down into a slushy sidewalk pothole — that stumble down Caniff from Paycheck's to Smalls can be treacherous — you can experience Blowout knowing that every act you see and hear is local like a coney island. This festival is your annual opportunity to discover, enjoy and even pass judgment on Detroit area music. It's your chance to join the conversation that will continue in the area's bars and clubs throughout 2007, to invest in and claim part ownership of one of the world's most vibrant music communities. The best alternative weeklies all over this country sponsor local music festivals. But none of them have the breadth and depth of the Metro Times Blowout. We're giving you more than 250 chances to fall in love with local music.

Or at least four opportunities for a killer one-night stand.

See you in the beer line. —Johnny Loftus, Music Editor

Blown out good
by Chris Handyside

Ex-music editor remembers the blur of the first Blowout.

Hellenic era
by Eve Doster

Rock chicks not ready to make nice.

Punctuation power
by Johnny Loftus & Walter Wasacz

Thunderbirds are Now! and Adult. on quality, crap and making an impression.

Voice of the Beehive
by Chris Handyside

Things are buzzing at Steve Nawara's new imprint.

We'll get the airwaves
by Brian Smith

Siddhartha's black rock paves a Motor City roadway — heading west.

X Boxes
by Eve Doster, Johnny Loftus & Brian Smith

Quick hits on crit picks.

X Box: Pre-party
by Johnny Loftus

Kick off a weekend of liver damage at the Blowout launch party.

Blowout X Schedule
by Brian Smith, Eve Doster & Johnny Loftus

We've done it. Each artist in the Hamtramck Blowout lineup — all 250+! — reviewed, rated, or otherwise described in a few lines or less. Set times too, and club addresses. In short, this is your gazetteer for Blowout X.

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