Feedback: MT readers on 'political bullshit,' raising the speed limit, and cheesy potatoes


Some readers were pleased by the story of Social Club Grooming Company, told by Larry Gabriel in his Nov. 26 Stir it Up column. Reader "Up20" posted:

Stories like this makes me strongly reconsider my decision to not return to Detroit after my military contract is finished. I love the direction Detroit is headed in and I would love to be a part of the solution.


MT staff writer Lee DeVito's "Face Time" with Meldon Lewis drew some responses from readers, especially with the holiday season fast approaching. In response to the story, on Facebook, "Jerry Garcia" posted:

I think I need to do some volunteering.


It seems some readers haven't fully adjusted to the merger of Detroit's alt-weeklies, Metro Times and Real Detroit. Reader Matthew Harrison sent along this message by email, lashing out against MT's "political bullshit":

I miss Real Detroit, where I could find out what was going on each week without all the political bullshit. I've experienced black on white racism in this city and know the opposite to exist. We want to rebuild this city we need to forget about stupid past hatreds. I think we are doing so.


Michigan lawmakers are contemplating raising the speed limit to 80 miles per hour on some freeways. It turns out, that potential move drew polarizing opinions. From some readers on Facebook:


Drivers already go 85! Put electronic ticket radar out there and enforce or otherwise we will see more folks going 90 than we do already.

My husband was a Paramedic, the faster you drive the less chance you have of survival. No one is so important that they have the right to speed and endanger other drivers!

Yay! ... speed up natural selection, sweet.

Hell ya!

Do that and you're raising everyone's insurance rates. And as one race car driver once told me, most of the cars on the road don't have tires worthy of those speeds and they should all slow down.

What about the truck speed limit? Currently with the cars limit at 70 and trucks at 60. Cars do 75-80. When a truck gets in the left lane to pass another truck, the backup can get long and that irritates some car drivers, causing some very aggressive driving. I suggest that truck limit should be the same or no less that 5 mph lower than that of cars.

Not a good idea in my opinion. There used to be a sign on highways years back that read, "Speed Kills" — not everyone can handle driving at high speeds. Let's keep it safe for everyone. That's my 2 cents.


Readers also took note of a blog post about Michigan's favorite "distinct" Thanksgiving recipe, according to The New York Times. Our great state's favorite: cheesy potatoes. Readers on Facebook sounded off:

I have only eaten cheesy potatoes for the last 29 years.

Who in the hell did they poll?

[To which another reader replied]: You said it!

Me don't like, cheese and potatoes is not a good combo to my taste buds lol >_<

I LOVE cheesy potatoes. But NEVER on Thanksgiving. Mashed or sweet potatoes ONLY.

Who doesn't?

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