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In response to Jack Lessenberry's column, Walter Finan of Royal Oak wrote us:

I just voted for Hillary today absentee.

It is not quite true, however, that Hillary is not, or at least was not, a crook at least once. Remember her first, last and only venture into commodity trading?

A poor ex-student with Ivy League tuition debts, whose husband is attorney general about to be governor, her trading advisor was from Tyson Chicken, the largest poultry processor in the world, and the brokerage house was subsequently disciplined for improper trading practices.

Hillary Clinton made almost a 10,000 percent profit in 10 months ($1,000 into $100,000).

Remember what your parents told you as a child? If it sounds too good to be (honestly) true then it probably wasn't. Jack and his magic bean stalk didn't even do that well! How is that not stealing from other honest trades placed in the market?

There have been a few other probable felonies but, on balance, she's the far better candidate.

Not much of a choice when Donald's an existential threat to the republic.

In reply to Alysa Offman's blog about UAW-Ford hosting a week of free mammograms, Angela Talo posted:

Would be wonderful if they could do this year round instead of just in October. I needed a mammogram and biopsy in June and it cost me $2500 out of pocket after insurance coverage. I'm under 40 so all the free screenings by Karmanos and wherever else refused to accept me, even with a palpable mass. Now I am on a payment plan for the next two years for a screening I had to have to rule out cancer. Yay healthcare!

And in response to Michael Jackman's blog about anti-nuke groups marking 50 years since Fermi 1's partial meltdown, nobsartist posted:

The quick way to end this useless industry is to simply force insurance companies to insure all housing within 100 miles of every plant for coverage related to nuclear accidents. EVERY plant would close within 6 months. Now if the insurance industry will not insure a nuke plant, that doesn't say much regarding all of those "safety systems" designed into it.

Michael Jackman's article about the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals rejecting the appeal of Detroit pensioners fighting cuts made by emergency managers (or EMs) drew a response from Tom Stephens that's somewhere between a poem and an erupto mandamus. It reads:

Established Mastery

Exceptional Madness

Equal Malfeasance

Evident Mendacity

Enormous Misconduct

Engler's Manure

Eviscerated Municipality

Effective Miseducation

Erudite Molluscs

Evil Men

Educational Malpractice

Elite Mockery

Epidemic Malice

Epic Mismanagement

Extra Mustard

Easily Manufactured

Excessive Morons

Epistemological Mess

Eradicate Millenials

Erase Morality

Emissions Multiplying

Evenhanded Militarism

Expert Mind-set

Economic Motivations

Endlessly Makeshitup

Errata: Our story about Abick's Bar last week got some of the hours of business wrong. They open at noon on Sundays.

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