Ask a Juggalo: Are Newports the preferred smokes of Juggalos?

Q: Are Newports the preferred smokes of Juggalos?

A:Yes, though they are pricey. I believe that started because the Monoxide Child of Twiztid smokes only Newports. But even scrubs can come up with the dough for them. Why? Well, even though everyone I've met can back it up, most Juggalos talk a lot of shit. And for those that smoke and are looking for something to satisfy that nicotine craving, it's nice to have a minty flavor to get that shit-talking taste out of their mouth. And then there's that little swish on the package, which is, like, "smiling" at you every time you smoke. For a clown, that's important: It's got a smile right on the pack. The swish even has a name that sounds like the noise a hatchet makes when you swing it through the air. So it's two-for-one. You can't go wrong with them if you choose to smoke.

Q: How do Juggalos get their names?

A:Some people make up their own names, and it's usually something that is the complete opposite of themselves, as an escape from normal life. Some get their name from other Juggalos, for something they did, good or bad, or even a personality trait that other Juggalos notice. I got mine, for instance, by accident, but it turned out to be a perfect fit. I was explaining to someone that I like to help people anonymously, that I don't want anything in return when helping someone. And I got tongue-tied: Instead of saying, "I'm an anonymous clown," I said "I'm an ominous clown." And it just stuck. I decided that being "ominous" isn't a bad thing. It just means something epic is going to happen.

Will Sigler is a 36-year-old Juggalo, former Marine, and longtime ICP fan who works at Psychopathic Records. Send your questions to [email protected].

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