Short but sweet

If only Weezer and Spike Jonze hadn’t already thought up that "Happy Days" video idea! It would’ve been the perfect setting for the sound track this EP provides. Slightly cheesy keyboards. Sugary background harmonies. Clever lyrics about true love and lonely nights and teenaged angst and new beginnings. Cute boys strumming jangly guitars on stage and attentive fans politely bobbing their perfectly coifed heads back and forth to the beat. Summertime is here and I have a date with Fletcher Pratt.

Eight bouncy songs have an early Byrds-Beatles feel, yet are unmistakably modern. Feeling isolated by his girlfriend’s busy schedule (or lack of reciprocating feelings), a boy makes do: "I built a satellite just so I can see your eyes." And a pure ‘60s line like "Where you at, pussycat?" doesn’t slip by without a hint of a ‘90s wink.

Like a sip of perfect lemonade, Slumber Party Highs is yummy and sweet, with a jolt of fresh, tarty tang. Pretty please, boys, mix up a fresh pitcher soon?

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