Megatron millions!

Justin Durant puts together Calvin Johnson's iPod playlist to commemorate the receiver's new Detroit Lions contract

*Cues "Today Was A Good Day"*... As the music plays in the background, I just sit and think about how great of a day Ice Cube had in South Central in '93. Woke up to a swine-less breakfast, didn't get harassed by the cops, played hoops with his friends (whom he'd previously gotten a triple-double on ... at the park ... ), and eventually met up with a PYT from high school. It really doesn't get much better than that. Unless, of course, your name happens to be Calvin Johnson.
Yes, Calvin Johnson, or as most fans like to call him, Megatron. The true Megatron Don. Ice Cube's day tucks its tail in comparison to Calvin's day today because he signed a 7-year $132 million contract to remain a Detroit Lion for the next eight years. Sixty million of it's guaranteed making it the richest contract in NFL history. Yeah, that's the history of the whole league. Me being the guy I am (with the push from @SmittyDMR) decided to have some fun with it and created the topic #CalvinJohnsonIpodPlaylist. Everybody on twitter chipped in and eventually it started to trend. Here are a few joints from the list that the homie Megatron has to be jamming at deafening levels as we speak.

"Money To Blow" — Birdaman ft. Drake & Lil Wayne

"Spend It" — 2 Chaaaaainzzz

"Making Love To The Money" — Gucci Mane

"Must Be The Money" - Deion Sanders (this was my personal fav)

"For The Love of Money" — The O'Jays

"Make It Rain" — Fat Joe

"Money Made" — AC/DC

"Imma Boss" — Meek Mill ft Rick Ross

"Rich Forever" — Rick Ross ft John Legend

"All About The Benjamins" — Puff Daddy an the Family (Biggie, LOX, Lil Kim)

"Money Ain"t A Thang" — Jermaine Dupri ft Jay-Z

"I Get Money" — 50 Cent

"Phone Numbers" — Wiz Khalifa ft Big Sean

"Big Pimpin" — Jay-Z ft UGK

Shane McMahon's entrance music

Ted Debiase's entrance music

Even "I Throw My Money On The Floor" by the Notorious B.U.M. Lol. (You have to  YouTube this.)

All jokes aside, Calvin really deserved it. His numbers speak volumes. He"s a great teammate, really a down to earth and humble guy. Works hard everyday and it shows on the field. Stafford to Johnson for many years to come. Let"s get it! #Lions. I"m out.


Justin Durant is a linebacker for the Detroit Lions. Twitter: @JDurant52

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