Live Review & Photos: Dr. Dog @ The Crofoot

Oct 22, 2010 at 2:06 pm

It’s always nice when you can stand at the back of a room and still feel the foot stomp shiver sent through the floor as the band pounds on the stage. That always seems to be with the case with Dr. Dog, who's guitarist Scott McMicken we interviewed for our MC5 this week.   The Philly sextet returned to Metro Detroit for the 3rd time this year as they again found themselves at The Crofoot Ballroom after heading to The Blind Pig in April.

Dr. Dog - Nobody Knows Who You Are by Metro Times Music

With their most recent album Shame,Shame (their first effort on Anti-) now gliding off into the rearview mirror, the band has finally got to do what they wanted to do in the studio with these songs, and that’s play the shit out of them to tweak and fine tune them just like they like. Songs like opening “The Stranger” start out with the signature bassline bounce from Toby Leaman as he leads through the chorus “I do believe there’s no more tricks up my sleeves” while all six musicians lock into a whirl of soft vocal harmonies, grinding organ and slashing dual guitars. Along with a strong dose of songs from Shame, Shame and 2008's Fate—the raucous encore of "Rabbit Bat & The Reindeer"—Dr. Dog also offered some old tunes like We All Belong's campfire jangle of "Worst Trip" alongside their newly digitally released songs like “Black-Red.” Check out the photos by clicking the arrows for a fullscreen immersive view.