Oct 17, 2007 at 1:40 pm

Kid "Hey, I'm a Rebel!" Rock has seen many of his relationships get left by the wayside over the last several months -- a divorce from Pamela Anderson; a fist fight with Tommy Lee; a split from longtime guitarists/co-songwriters Kenny Tudrick (who left to resurrect his own band, Bulldog) and Kenny Olson (we've heard reports that the latter not only had to do with Olson not getting some of the songwriting credits he deserved but also anger over Bob proudly flying that damn Confederate flag onstage...though we've been unable to substantiate either rumor).

But perhaps the most shocking of all comes in the form of today's news that the Kid has split with his longtime manager (and Detroit legend) Punch Andrews. The latter, of course, rose to fame here in Detroit managing Kid Rock's longtime idol, Bob Seger. Nevertheless, it's true: Punch (real name: Ed Andrews) resigned his position yesterday (Oct. 16th), claiming the split was amicable. Billboard is reporting that Kid Rock has already replaced Andrews with the Nashville-based Vector Management, which currently works with Bon Jovi, among others.

Maybe Punch was sick of that damn Confederate flag as well... (We kid; we kid...)

In other related news (or, more aptly, non-news), Kid Rock and that useless pile of DNA known as Paris Hilton were spotted partying together last weekend in Toronto, leading to online speculation that the two are dating. Rock was in town for a concert; Hilton was in town filming yet another blockbuster movie (which will undoubtedly go directly to video...although anyone at all interested has already seen the only Paris Hilton worth viewing). But a spokesperson for the blonde ditz has denied the rumors: "“She went to his show in Toronto with some friends and to the after-show party. They are absolutely not dating.” Thank goodness. Now the world can go on spinning and the media can get back to reporting inconsequential things, like, for example, the state of the economy and the war in Iraq.

Ironically, Kid's ex-wife Pamela just married Rick Solomon, the high-class guy who was Hilton's "lover" in the infamous porn video (and then cashed in by selling the video to national distributors himself). Wow. Maybe the four of them can get together and film a four-way sex video. Or, better yet, a four-way snuff film.

Kid Rock: "He's a rebel and he'll never be any good..."