It's supposed to be snowing not raining this Christmas eve, but whatever here are three great rain songs

Dec 24, 2014 at 3:57 pm

Never trust a person who says that they love the rain. That person is either a liar, or they have very strange taste. When it comes to music, however, there are loads of great songs about the rain, probably because it's the perfect weather to be inside and banging on the piano rather than outside underneath that wet garbage.

It's 1964 and the Beatles are a little bit of  a big deal in England. And the lovely Sister Rosetta Tharpe shows up, in the typical London rain, in a carriage which is nice. And she strolls over to the cheesy set meant to mimic the down home South which the BBC has built for American black performers to sing in front of. And then she rips off the most radical solo and shouts down the devil, all while smiling so wide. And all in four minutes of majestic mystery, as if to say this is how you do it kids, this is how you rock, for real. And by the way, we've been doing this for years now, in church. 

The Loft were a jangling British quartet led by Peter Astor. They weren't around for very long nor were they prolific. They did record this song for their debut 7" on the fabulous Creation label in 1984, a lonely little "aw shucks woe is me all the whole world hates me" anthem, "Why Does the Rain."

Ann Peebles is probably the first thing you thought of when I said "rain songs," because "I Can't Stand the Rain" was a big hit, which was later sampled so well by Missy, and is just one of the best Memphis soul songs plain and simple. Have you ever seen this clip, though? It's recorded years after the song had already been a hit, live in the studio with some of the Hi label's best and brightest. Enjoy.