Gear gone.

Squirrely NYC proto-disco combo Men, Women & Children recently had their gear ripped off right here in Detroit. From the Reprise Records press release:

For immediate release: October 23, 2006


Band asks local Detroit community, fans for help in recovering equipment

Burbank, CA: Men, Women and Children are asking for all and any help in recovering their stolen van and trailer. While making a stop in Detroit for the MTV $2 bill show, the band’s van, trailer with all gear inside was taken literally hours ago. If you have any information, please contact Anna at [email protected]. The band’s Econoline white van with New York plates (license plate # 5HY2994) and red Danzer trailer (license plate # D712TA35) contained the following items:

- a Red Rickenbacker bass

- a 70s off-white Fender jazz bass

- a Moog Voyager

- a Sunburst Fender Telecaster

- a Gibson Sunburst Les Paul

- a Roland 300 keyboard amp

- a Bogner Shiva combo amp

- a Orange ad 30 amp

- an Ampeg svt vr

- an Ampeg svt 8x10 av

- a sequential circuits 6 trak

- a Ludwig drum kit from the 70s, with a sparkley silver finish (4-piece kit). Includes Zildjian- hi hat, 2 crash cymbals, ride, older looking cymbals.

- Ultimate ears in ears marked "David Sullivan-Kaplan"

- Rack with in ears wireless pack


ALL OUR ROAD CASES ARE MAROON and marked with MWC on the outside.


This is terrible news, of course, both for MW&C and Detroit. But it's also part of what at this point is nearly an epidemic - Dinosaur, Jr., The Decemberists, The Derek Trucks Band, Rosie Thomas, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and the Raveonettes are just a few of the artists who have had to endure the five finger discount in the last year or so.

What the hell is going on?

Obviously, if you know who lifted Men, Women & Children's gear, or if you're around town and see someone trying to unload a Bogner Shiva combo amp for cheap, contact Anna, the band's representative, immediately at [email protected].


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