City Slang: Woodman gets festive

Dec 15, 2011 at 6:38 am

Eclectic folky-blues rockers Woodman will be hosting a Christmas show this coming Tuesday, December 20, at the Loving Touch in Ferndale.

Main man Frank Woodman is a much-loved figure on the scene, and a force of nature. The dude is freakin’ everywhere. Anyway, of this show he said, “We have written and recorded a single Christmas song a year since 2002. Now that we have 9 songs, we thought it would be fun to perform them live. We have asked some of our local musician friends to join the band for some holiday cheer. We'll have a small choir, sleigh bells and some fake snow! We'll also have free CD's of the x-mas tunes. Come join us for some tall tales laughter and joy!”

Awwwwww. What could be more “Christmas in Detroit” than a show of festive tunes by a family band? Magic. Oh, and the poster above was designed by Lisa Woodman, keeping up that family theme.

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