Boog Brown and Apollo Brown Release a New Ode to the City

Jan 12, 2012 at 3:15 pm

Just yesterday I was thinking how timeless Sammy Davis Jr's jazzy "Hello Detroit" song is and how for 35 years now, people have been writing ditties about how Detroit is struggling yet absolutely beautiful.

Now today, Detroit resident Apollo Brown and former Detroiter Boog Brown released a song with a similar message, albeit set to Apollo's daft production and Boog's witty wordplay. The song is simply called "Detroit" and quickly lets anybody who doesn't know the first thing about the city know what's real. Similar to Sammy Davis Jr.'s ode, Belle Isle gets a shoutout as Boog breaks down what makes the 313 such a special place to call home. Be on the look out for new vinyl from Boog Brown in a matter of weeks as it looks like she's gearing up to make 2012 a strong year. This is just a taste.