Traffic Jam & Snug is now canning their beer

Sep 4, 2014 at 2:06 pm
Traffic Jam & Snug will turn 50 years old next year. The eccentrically-styled restaurant is the city's first microbrewery and also houses an in-house bakery and dairy production. Found on the corner of Canfield and Second Avenue, it predates many of its Midtown neighbors, namely Shinola, Willy's, Nest, and City Bird.

Now, fans of the electric eatery can take a little piece of the place home with them. They've hired a mobile canning unit and they've begun canning their West Canfield IPA. According to Tara Grey, the restaurant's events and marketing guru, it took some time to get the label approved, but they're finally able to sell the beer in-store. 

The 6.5% ABV IPA will be sold in four-packs of "tall boy" cans inside Traffic Jam for $9.99. Depending on the demand and popularity of the cans, Grey says they may distribute the cans down the road, but for now, they'll just be sold in-store. Rumor has it that the doppelbock is the next to be canned, but Grey could neither confirm or deny that rumor.