Will there be a TV show based on Coleman Young?

May 27, 2016 at 11:08 am
Well, maybe. 

After placing third in a influential script contest, Jackson-based producer Jay Nelson is trying to turn a pilot based on former Detroit Mayor Coleman Young into a full-fledged show.
click to enlarge Will there be a TV show based on Coleman Young?
Photo via Detroit Public Library

Tentatively named "Mayor," Nelson wrote the pilot during a creative streak while his leg was broken.

The script is still being shopped around, and has received a wide range of reactions according to Nelson.

As the Detroit News reported Tuesday, the main character is named Jim Russell, a divorcee with two children. Russell is supposed to embody all of the outward charisma of Young – swearing included – while taking creative license on mayoral problems and decisions.

With a history of Detroit shows like Detroit 1-8-7 getting cancelled, the chances this show will be picked up seem slim, but in light of a Kym Worthy-based legal drama being pursued by TNT with Viola Davis involved, anything is possible.