The Work of Alyssa Baron-Klask

Fueled by dark stories.

Nov 13, 2013 at 11:10 am

Metro Times recently sat down with local artist Alyssa Baron-Klask. She attended Parsons School of Design, initially pursuing a degree in fashion design. “Halfway through my studies, I had a dream I was in a stop-motion animation surrounded by little cactus-like figures telling me, “You should do illustration, you’ll have so much fun!”

Baron-Klask emerged from Parsons with a BFA in illustration and an exciting internship with designer Betsey Johnson, designing patterns for her fabric. Baron-Klask said that having an opportunity to work with artist Tara McPherson set her on the path she is on now. Alyssa draws most of her inspiration from dark myths and folklore.

“Growing up, my mother would read me Greek mythology and my aunt would scare me with tales of Jenny Greenteeth and Baba Yaga. Today I constantly seek out dark stories to fuel my work.”

Baron-Klask has curated a Cryptozoology art show called “Cryptic Beast” that will be opening Nov. 16, at Lift Designer Toys and Gallery, 228 W. Fourth St., Royal Oak; 248-545-5245.