Satanic Temple announces mysterious 'ritual performance' slated for next week

Feb 2, 2018 at 12:43 pm

This isn’t your grandfather's satanic sanction and this really has nothing to do with the “devil.”

Considered a religious organization comprised of non-theistic Satanists, the Satanic Temple of Detroit announced their latest event — Subversive Autonomy: Ritual Performance by Satanic disciplinary activist and member of the Temple’s executive ministry, Jex Blackmore.

The ritual is not their first statement, however. Shortly after electing Detroit as the home of the Satanic Temple’s first national chapter in 2014, the organization waged a war against secular traditionalism and successfully erected a “Snaketivity” holiday display on Lansing’s Capitol lawn, and unveiled a 1-ton, 9-foot-tall bronze Baphomet monument (the dualistic goat-headed symbol of Satanism) in 2015.

But the Satanic Temple’s agenda runs deeper than grand gestures of Satanism. In fact, "Satanists adhere to the principles of individual sovereignty and rejection of tyrannical authority.” Also in 2015, the Temple countered Planned Parenthood anti-abortion protests with a guerilla-style performance piece involving gallons of milk, silent actors dressed as clergymen and women, and a sign — “America is not a theocracy. End forced motherhood!” 

As announced, the upcoming ritual performance will take place on Saturday, Feb. 10 at 11:45 p.m. at Lincoln Street Art Park. The event is free, and RSVP is recommended, though not required. It’s also suggested that participants dress warm because, well, even Hell can get a bit chilly.

To RSVP click here or to learn more about the Satanic Temple visit their website.