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Homefront is a first-person shooter that keeps your guns blazing

Jul 27, 2011 at 12:00 am

Kaos Studios 

Xbox 360, Windows, PS3

There was a time when the platformers, racing games and fighters ruled the earth, but it's 2011, and we live in a world widely populated with first-person shooters. And Homefront, for the most part, is what you'd expect from a typical shooter on your console. We have the (what's now almost mandatory) get-kills-rank-up system, in which performing well lets you unlock new weapons, attachments and so on. Since the massive success of 2007's COD4:MW, it appears that in order to be successful you need the XP system presented in your multiplayer. (In 1988, every successful rock album had a power ballad and now mostly all successful shooters feature the beloved XP!) 

So, yeah, Homefront's a classic yet fun and tactical FPS. You get a huge arsenal and list of attachments to unlock, and the multiplayer is a blast. We all enjoyed COD at one point in time, but on console we were capped at 18-man servers. Homefront gives us all the expanded tactical gameplay we crave, with comfy 32-player games and neatly crafted scenarios. With easy controls and neat little gizmos at your side, Homefront is nothing short of entertaining team-based warfare with endless gameplay. —Josh Sexson