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Crysis 2 kills and MotorStorm Apocalypse is merely OK

Crysis 2
PS3, Xbox 360, Windows

Crysis 2 provides a delightful blend of stealthy, sneaky gameplay with some spooky WTF moments. So, yeah, I've been waiting a long time for such a shooter. You're floored by the visuals from the first level start, not just the major elements of the game, but with the little details most take for granted — from shadows left by tree branches in the sunlight, to incredibly satisfying red clouds of gore emitting from the many limbs of your enemies. The best part is that it's able to blend all these elements of gameplay and still be a well-made, easy to play shooter. Some really sick features are thrown in too, such as the power kick (you can kick things and people really hard) and my personal fave, stealth camo.

More, we get a reading on how aware the enemy is of us. Like something outta Metal Gear Solid, however, there ain't no solid snake here — just a dude with stealth camo packing lots of heat. Also, I've great appreciation for a game in which I can customize my weapons! Attach and remove a silencer, red laser scope, etc. Crysis 2 tends to my many needs, and any self-respecting FPS player owes this to himself.

MotorStorm Apocalypse

This racer packs in some pretty quirky gameplay bits that had me lost, so it's definitely an interesting choice. First, we're given lots of freedom; in fact, we get a lovely selection of vehicles right off the bat, including trucks, ATVs, dirt bikes and others.

Thing is, the immense repetition of racers usually keeps me away. Sure, the tracks and scenarios change, but how much flexibility do you really have? But, there are some pretty sick mechanics and features here to sway me. For instance, the ability to go flying off a ramp and ride the wall down the nearest building/structure is oh so satisfying.

No, this title isn't bad — it plays nicely, the vehicles are easy to handle, the control scheme is simple. Even if you don't like the game, you can get a laugh or two out of it, such as crashing into your surroundings to be rewarded with (what I think of as) a silly, slow-mo replay with beepy-boopy techno in the background. It's a racer that's simple to get the hang of. A few cool features but not enough to get a fellow like myself addicted.

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