Ask a Juggalo: Who or what is the Boogie-Woogie-Wu?

Q: Who or what is the Boogie-Woogie-Wu?

A: Boogie-Woogie-Wu is the Boogie Man, brother. That's just it.

Q: Is that different from the Hatchet Man?

A: Absolutely. The Hatchet Man is the Hatchet Man, you know what I mean? The Running Man is also known as the Hatchet Man. That's just two different ways of saying it. That logo is Psychopatic Records' insignia, and where that stems from is in the book, the 500-page autobiography Behind the Paint, you know what I'm sayin'? Boogie-Woogie-Wu is actually a song, and it's about the Boogie Man. And the Boogie Man is very real. And that motherfucker definitely does hide in your closet. You know what I mean? You gotta watch out for that sonbitch.

Q: So, the Boogie Man will get you if you're not careful?

A: Oh yeah, straight up, man. That motherfucker will literally lop your head off and leave you for dead. Or if you're just a real asshole, the Boogie Man might literally come creeping into your fucking room and snatch you up, and nobody ever sees you again. That's the Boogie-Woogie-Wu, you know? You gotta be very careful, you know what I mean? You never leave your door cracked, you always shut that bastard, maybe lock it, check under your bed. Look in the closet, you know? You always gotta watch your back.

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