Ask a Juggalo: What's up with Juggalos in the military?

Q: Have you heard about any Juggalo military experiences?

A: Oh, God, yeah, bro. Absolutely. You know, at the end of the day, you know, it's important to show our respect, and to thank Jumpsteady, aka Rob Bruce — Violent J's brother. Jumpsteady is an actual Desert Storm veteran. He is a hero, in my book, as far as he is the real-deal G.I. Joe. You know, some of my buddies that went into the Marines and into the Army went over into Iraq and Afghanistan, and these cats, for the last 10 to 14 years, they've been over in the desert now. And there are very personal stories that have been told to me that are straight from Juggalos and listeners that came from here, were followers of ICP and Esham, since like 1990. And they tell me, "Vinnie, you have no idea. We would've lost our minds out there if we didn't have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Psychopathic tracks, that are just, thank God, so catchy, and you don't need to actually have the media right there, it's in your fucking head." These guys said, "The only way we made it and did not lose our sanity was having their music go through our heads." A very good friend of mine went into the Air Force in 1996, and I couldn't understand, because I sat there and thought, "You're gonna miss Hallowicked! You know, you keep talking about this thing that might happen called the Gathering, and ICP is talking about bigger and badder things, and how in the fuck are you gonna move away?" And this cat said, "Vinnie, bottom line, I'm a Juggalo. And as Juggalos, we stand up for what we believe in." And Jumpsteady was this kid's idol. And this guy looked up to him so much. And he said, "Well, fuck it. If he can go fight for this country in Desert Storm and go to the Army, I'm gonna go to the fuckin' Air Force, and I'm gonna fight for this country." And that's exactly what he did. Yeah, man. There's plenty, plenty of military Juggalos. Past, present, future, man.

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