Ask a Juggalo: What's the difference between 'much clown love' and 'much family love'?

Feb 11, 2015 at 1:00 am

Q: Is there a difference between "much clown love" and "much family love"?

A: No. I would consider them both the same thing. I would look at "much family love" as a more recent or a more current way of showing your affiliation or appreciation. I personally choose "much clown love," and still, to this day, I'll use it. Or I will say it quite often as a greeting or as a goodbye. "Much family love" just came around later, looking at the whole Juggalo world as a family. To me, it would be the same thing. Maybe if you were talking to one particular person, you might prefer "much clown love" or if you were talking to a group of people you might say "much family love" — but to me, they both mean the same thing. "Much clown love" would just be a much more vintage look at things — the original way of showing your appreciation. "Much clown love" goes all the way back to the beginning.

Q: What are nizzles?

A: Nizzles would be your nutsack, man. Straight up: your testicles, your little fun bags of joy.