Ask a Juggalo: What’s a 'neden'? (Also, 'How do magnets work?')

Jan 14, 2015 at 1:00 am

Q: What’s a “neden”?

A: Wonderful. This goes back to ICP being very fresh and unique. From the beginning, they have made their own vocabulary. They've created "Juggaloism,"which is their own personal vocabulary. And "neden" is part of that. Basically, neden is a direct reference to the female vajayjay, also known as the female private parts. Bottom line, neden is a very sweet way of saying the lady's very personal business, if you will. That is actually one of my favorite words that they created, but it's just one of the very many. That's a word that was literally created by Joe Bruce and Joey Utsler— Violent J and 2 Dope. It's their personal word that they coined, made, phrased, and are the only two guys I have ever known to that use that word. For sure.

Q: This may be the most frequently asked question from our readers: "How do magnets work?"

A: Gotcha, gotcha. As far as, "How do magnets work?" we somehow, in a smart way, want to make a rebuttal and say, you know, bottom line: Everything is science and, at the end of the day it's just all part of the magic, how magnets work. It's all part of the magic. It's part of the magic of the Dark Carnival, brother.