All Dolled Up: This guy calls himself Captain Dickslap

This fashionable leather-wearing daddy longlegs was spotted working and having fun at the BANG! dance party (this iteration called "the 13th annual 13kt Gold Dance Party") at Ann Arbor's Blind Pig. Captain Dickslap is a DJ, an event planner, a bartender, a fermenter, and occasionally a private cook. He has been an active member of the BANG! for the past eight years. Captain loves to dance, and has an impressive collection of leotards he has been wearing to the monthly dance party over the years. He planned the first Detroit BANG! at the UFO Factory on Nov. 28, and is currently planning the New Year's Eve BANG! at the Blind Pig. Captain Dickslap loves fashion, and his favorite places to shop are thrift stores, Sam's, and Today Clothing in Ann Arbor.

Leather hat ... Fantasy Attic ... $10

Handcuffs ... Fantasy Attic ... $5

Leather fringed vest ... gift

Mesh-sided shorts ... a tip from a bartending gig

Fyre Cowboy boots ... hand-me-down from recent late uncle

TOTAL: $15

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