DDays: News from the D Show, Detroit Drunken Historical Society, Good-tyme Writers Buffet

Last week, DDays checked out the Adcraft Club's eighth annual D Show at the Masonic Temple, the award ceremony honoring Detroit's top admen and adwomen, a night for creative directors, art directors, copywriters, video editors, and the rest to take a break from their busy schedules to praise themselves for their hard work. Attendees were dressed to the nines — for the most part. Carhartt's in-house copywriter was decked in his company's threads, much to the annoyance of one senior ad dude. Between visits to the open bar and musical performances, the ceremony dealt out awards for mostly automotive-centric ads. In non-auto news, an "Ambassador" award was bestowed upon Jason Hall for his work with the establishing the Detroit cycling group the Slow Roll (with Hall himself the subject of an Apple ad earlier this year).

Saving Ste. Anne

DDays found itself near the Ambassador Bridge on Sunday night, at the Detroit Drunken Historical Society benefit for the restoration of the Ste. Anne Church in Detroit and Our Lady of Assumption church in Windsor. Detroit Drunken Historical Society co-founder Brian Mulloy was there with his wife Stacey. Also present among the approximately 300 fans of drinking and history was Wayne State University Press' Gabe Gloden with his wife, playwright Emily Goodson. A historical lecture was delivered by Bill Loomis, author of Detroit's Delectable Past.

Angels of Death

DDays heard the good word from a friend who saw Slayer, the legendary thrash godfathers of metal, perform a nearly sold-out show Friday night at the Fillmore. Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus were also on the bill, drawing fans eager to catch Exodus and their return of former vocalist Steve Souza. Gary Holt did double duty, performing with both Exodus and Slayer. Suicidal Tendencies played an energetic set in between, and frontman Mike Muir even hung in the lobby for photos to sign copies of his new album, 13. Slayer merch included free Slayer socks for the first 150 people to buy a Slayer T-shirt. When Slayer hit the stage, the circle pit engulfed almost the entire main floor. Our pal summed it up: "This was the best metal show at the Fillmore all year, with Slayer ripping through a 20-song set and closing out the night with 'Angel of Death.'"

Don't threaten us with a good-tyme

The Good-tyme Writers Buffet drew the DDays crew to Hamtramck's Public Pool, where the theme was "cowboys," and the presentations as varied as the dishes the writers put out for the public. Artist Nancy Mitchnick read a true-life story about living across the road from a cattle ranch, host and organizer Steve Hughes read an excerpt from what sounds like an upcoming novel, Metro Times main man Michael Jackman listed off "16 Things I've Heard About Cowboys," and James Hart III wailed out some cowboy-influenced songs. But the highlight was featured reader Bonnie Jo Campbell, in from Kalamazoo. Campbell, who's been featured in The New York Times and on NPR, proved to be a warm, engaging, and very real person.

On the run ...

Props from DDays to the guy who ran from the cops at the closed bar Jager's Castle Rock in Clinton Township. We got an earful about it Monday morning. The version we heard was that the cops came through the front door and the guy, who allegedly goes by the name Rob Adams, scooted out the back. Our witness on the scene said the only way the spectacle of pandemonium could have been better is if you'd cued up "Yakkety Sax" as accompaniment.

RIP Jeremy Haberman

It is with heavy hearts that DDays mourns the loss of our dear friend Jeremy Haberman. The former owner of the Magic Bag in Ferndale did more for local music than many, and his contributions to the fight to ban smoking in public places has undoubtedly saved countless lives. A man with a golden heart and a fantastic sense of humor, Haberman touched the lives of many and leaves a legacy that will be looked upon and appreciated for decades. — mt

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