After failed demolition, hilarious spoof Silverdome demolition parties are cropping up all over Facebook

Dec 4, 2017 at 1:58 pm
A much-hyped partial implosion of the Pontiac Silverdome ended rather anti-climactically on Sunday morning. According to reports, several explosives failed to detonate, which rendered parts of the building structurally compromised, but ultimately still standing.

In light of the razing blunder, some snarky locals have devised more potent plans for bringing down the former home of the Detroit Lions.

"Throw rocks at the Pontiac Silverdome until it collapses," a Facebook event hosted by a page called "Self Aware Trash," is asking locals to toss stones against the rotting structure until it finally succumbs. One curious Facebook user inquired whether this is a "bring-your-own-rocks" event, but the answer is not clear at this time.

"Everyone bring a fan and aim it towards the Silverdome" has also surfaced, proposing that a host of fan-wielding locals could possibly accomplish what the Adamo Group demolition crew failed to do.

A more ecclesiastical group is hoping to "Pray the Silverdome away." The ecumenical gathering is welcoming folks from all faiths to "do with the power of prayer what they couldn't do with the power of explosives."

Another group is proposing a symbolic means of demolition: "Use of the Fist of Joe Louis to knock down the Silverdome." Yet another group wants to "Jump in the Silverdome until it collapses," although this plan seems to have the most potential for bodily harm.

One Nick Rowley would prefer we all get together and "Serenade The Silverdome with Elton John’s 'I’m Still Standing'" although it is unclear whether or not he hopes this will result in a completed demolition.

In the end, Wrestlemania retiree Hulk Hogan probably has it right. On Sunday, he tweeted about the demolition failure: