Aaron Foley leaves post as BLAC editor to work for mayor's office

Mar 25, 2017 at 1:41 pm
Beloved BLAC editor, How to Live in Detroit without Being a Jackass author, and avid complainer Aaron Foley announced yesterday he would be leaving his position in a Facebook post.
The gentry were shocked and saddened (just read the comments), but Foley left no clue of what his next venture would be, saying "I’m not sure exactly where my journey will take me next, but this ride ain’t stopping yet."

In fact, Foley is going to work for Mayor Mike Duggan as a content director of a new platform, online and otherwise, that will focus on Detroit's neighborhoods.

In a statement released to MT, Foley said: “Mayor Duggan had the idea of creating a platform for Detroit residents to interact with each other across districts and share what’s going on in their neighborhoods, all with the goal of showing the various ways in which the city is making progress. While much of this platform is still in the idea phase, I’m excited to lead the way in doing what we can to amplify the voices of Detroiters everywhere. While this is experimental, we believe it is something that hasn't been done in city government before.”