Letters to the Editor

Feb 5, 2003 at 12:00 am

Liberal garbage

It amazes me how Lessenberry refuses all logic and reason in everything he writes and instead uses continual emotional invective to brainwash the idiot masses. “Fighting an immoral war” (Metro Times, Jan. 22-28) is exactly the ignorant, liberal garbage that brought us 9/11 in the first place. Big deal if Iraq has a fourth-rate army and a population the size of Texas. I guess a 4-foot midget with a .22 (waiting in your house when you get home) is quite a bit less dangerous than a 10-foot guerilla with a .44 (waiting in your house when you get home). I prefer not to take the chance on either happening. And it just amazes me how you lying hypocrites can assault Bush I for not “finishing” the job the first time around when all you did was protest that he sent troops there in the first place. I really wish that you ignorant, insecure liberal pukes would just deal with the fact that you’re socially paranoid and completely worried about not being accepted. That way you can deal with your dysfunction in a healthy, rational way, instead of hiding behind the “holier than thou, I’m always right because I’m liberal” propaganda that continually dribbles from your mouths. LSD, man — Let the ’60s Die! There are two things that I hope for: 1) If there is another terrorist attack on this country, I truly hope it’s Lessenberry and his entire family who are murdered, not mine. 2) I hope everything that you people say about Bush is true. In that way, he will turn into a monster dictator and have all of you liberal pukes executed. You should hope for this too because it would put you out of your misery. Good day and fuck off. —Patrick Lang, Warren

Hates to agree

Jack, the main reason I read the Metro Times is for your articles. I enjoy reading them and disagreeing with your liberal viewpoint. But this time I think you are 100 percent right. I keep waiting and waiting to see the smoking gun. Describing those empty shells as a smoldering gun is kind of stretching it in my opinion. This reminds me of Sen. Joe McCarthy, where he would hold a piece of paper and say he had this huge list of commies — but no ever saw this list. Our president keeps talking of all this proof, but it seems none of our allies have any of this proof available to them and we want them to side with us.

Hopefully you will write another article I can disagree with. —Norm Rossnagel, Royal Oak

Tabloid journalism

In the two recent articles about Dr. Kim (“A tale of two hospitals,” Metro Times, Jan. 8-14 and “Aurora goes dark,” Metro Times, Jan. 15-21), I felt like I was pulled straight into the tabloids. If I didn’t have the common sense to realize that there are two sides to every story, Guyette would have led me to believe that Dr. Kim was a “shrewd and rapacious businessman.” If I were Dr. Kim I would sue the Metro Times and demand an apology. I was further disgusted by the racist tone. Of course Dr. Kim and his wife have a fortune; they are both doctors who have worked for 30 years. What hospital in the Detroit area isn’t undermanned? Who was a part of this Metro Times investigation? Why was it just his critics and biased court documents taken into account?

I guess this is America and Mr. Guyette was living the American dream and practicing his freedom of speech — or should I say gossip. —Shawn Landers, Royal Oak

Preying on the weak

I read both articles about Dr. Kim and the failed hospitals. I could not get over how he seems to have been given the license to do his own thing at the expense of an already defenseless, vulnerable population of people who desperately needed to be helped. His supporters were also paid quite well. The people who really needed to be helped were abandoned, and that truly was a shame. Dr. Kim can recover — after all, he has the high finances to regroup. Those people who depended on a much needed service, quality mental health care, have again been let down and lost in the shuffle. To me, even when Dr, Kim lost, he still won. It’s too bad that mental health patients are used as pawns to make the rich get even richer. They cannot recover quite so fast. —Diane Crawford, [email protected], Detroit

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