Grand theft grandstand

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In the words of the press release he issued last week, state Sen. Hansen Clarke (D-Detroit) has sent a “not-so-subtle” message to the video game industry by announcing his intention to introduce legislation that would ban the sale of ultra-violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto in our fair state.

“This issue is not about being conservative or progressive,” Clarke writes. “This is about sending a clear message to the video gaming industry that we expect them to behave ethically and responsibly and to not produce or promote products that adversely impact the public good.”

News Hits thought that the real message behind the announcement is that Clarke has way too much spare time on his hands. Chalk it up to a little Christmastime grandstanding if you will, but we here at Hits had to laugh at the absurdity of the idea that such a ban could ever be instituted, and that, even if it were, it’s even more absurd to think that such prohibition would actually keep the kids from getting their sweaty little palms on these games.

In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if the game makers aren’t already planning a promotional campaign inspired by Clarke. We can see the ads now: “The game so good politicians want to ban it.”

This is an idea that needs to be taken for a long ride to nowhere.

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