Christmas with the rubber couple

She’s strikingly shapely, with exotic almond-shaped eyes filled with coyness and a little mystery. He’s tall, ruggedly handsome and has a winning smile that melted her heart when they first met by chance in a bar a few years back. They’re now a happily married couple living in a northern Detroit suburb, and share an unusually strong bond, an intensely close relationship based on inherent trust and honesty. In many ways, they’re the ideal all-American couple.

And they like to dress up in rubber.

Specifically, they have a fetish for latex encasement. As their shiny alter egos, she’s Raquel, he’s Giovanna — but most people call them “the rubber couple.” They dress head to toe in custom-made, extremely expensive latex accoutrements (their designer of choice is Demask: and venture forth into the wildlife of Detroit nightclubs. They own and operate the Web site, and produce a monthly fetish fashion party at Diesel. Over the years they’ve collected hundreds of pieces of latex clothing and accessories, in gleaming shades of red and black.

And they’re really nice. Extremely down-to-earth. Excellent taste in red wine. They drive a shiny black SUV, the gleam of which poetically complements their thick rubber facemasks.

They’re also not into S&M or pornography — their interest in latex is purely aesthetic. And, as they say on their Web site, “We are often performing everyday activities at home completely encased in latex.”

Vacuuming in a rubber gas mask? Doing the dishes in a latex corset? The mental imagery is at once surreal, bizarre and charming.

Given the festiveness of the couple’s scarlet garb, Metro Times began wondering what Christmas with the rubber couple might look like. This is what we came up with.


Raquel and Giovanna’s Fetish Bash takes place at Diesel (11425 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck) the third Friday of every month. Their Web site is

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