Flying Lotus - Monday at the Majestic

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There will be no quiet... How can there be? Such a thrum of chaotic beat-bursts and mad-stirred digi-drones cascading together... Until any kind of self-deluded sense of quiet, of peace, can come, indeed, Until The Quiet Comes...

Couldn't we use a bit more quiet? Flying Lotus blooms into subtler shades on his new album (which features Thom Yorke and Erykah Badu, by the way).

There will be all a ruminative racket at his upcoming Detroit show, yes, surgingthrough his signature agit-ambient/jittery-drift, this uneasy-to-breezy / groovy-to-glitch-stabbed atmospheric hip-hop...

Electro-composer Steven Ellison released his fourth album under the Flying Lotus moniker last month, titled Until The Quiet Comes... He's invariably impressed or confused those attuned to his psycho-swarmed fuzz-firestorm blends of past albums as he's interloped into, yes, a quieter-aesthetic, perhaps hemming in some of the spilling sirens and unwieldy bass booms into a more cohesive musical narrative.

Make of Lotus' latest what you will, listener. (Here's one take that streams an MP3 -"Puddy Boy Strut" and then another take-....)

In any case, it's likely safe-to-say that his set at the Majestic this coming Monday evening (with fellow Brainfeeder operative Teebs and Jeremiah Jae) will include clattered-cuts from his splendid 2010 LP Cosmogramma. 

In the meantime, consider:

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