The 420 Issue: Michigan's cannabis scene is blooming

April 20 is upon us, the holiday beloved by stoners from time immemorial. (OK, well, actually since like 1971.)

In this year’s annual 420 Issue, we take a look at how Michigan’s marijuana industry is doing since voters legalized cannabis for adult use in 2018, both from the money side — Michigan cannabis sales neared $1 billion in 2020, and last month saw record-setting sales — as well as the social equity side, which is to make sure that communities harmed the most by the racist War on Drugs have an opportunity to benefit from the new industry, too. We also look at the phenomenon of people using cannabis for help sleeping, and talk to a pair of local fashionistas who want to help bring cannabis use out of the shadows. We’ve also got a gift guide for both the canna-curious as well as canna-sseurs, and a refresher course on Michigan’s cannabis laws. Happy toking! —Lee DeVito

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