The Horseshoe Curve

Forget that this burst of jazzy free-form instrumentals, which fluently jumps from James Brown to Miles Davis to Herbie Mann to Stereolab, will make you ever forget Anastasio's decade-plus participation in Phish. No, what's really important about The Horseshoe Curve is that this is the first iPod Nano-cognizant album ever made. Shrunk down to a square that's a quarter the size of a postage stamp, the cover illustration of a train rounding a bend and heading into a tunnel looks unmistakably like a penis penetrating a shaved pussy. Thus, it could even become a collector's item (like that Mom's Apple Pie album cover that looked like a vagina) if enough nearsighted parents start worrying about "the children" again. Don't believe me? Check out how the cover's already been whitewashed up on

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