Letters to the Editor

Robert's Rules

I'm a Detroit Public School (DPS) educator and a member of the Detroit Federation of Teachers (DFT), and I read with interest the article, "Schoolhouse divided," (Feb. 17). I attend the DFT meetings and I've been asked to act as sergeant-at-arms, which I accept. The meetings have been very chaotic. Steve Conn and Heather Miller are the ones responsible. They have caused chaos going back to when John Elliot was president of the DFT, then Janna Garrison, Virginia Cantrell and now Keith Johnson. They are rude and disrespectful to Keith Johnson, parliamentary procedure and anyone who doesn't agree with them when they don't get their way. Even when approached in a courteous manner, they continue to rant, rave and incite to the point, as mentioned in the article, that the meetings are adjourned. There is important information that can't be disseminated to members because of their behavior and the behavior of others. Protest and dissent are part of the parliamentary process, but one has to know when, for the overall good of the membership, it becomes counterproductive for those of us who want to hear what's taking place in Lansing that has a direct effect on DPS and the teachers. —Thomas A. Wilson Jr., Detroit

Parting shot

Reading your News Hit on Matty Maroun ("Bridge bumps," Feb. 10), and there's a paragraph that starts with, "We would argue that Moroun might fairly be described as a certain kind of large, dangling appendage." I would substitute "small, shriveled appendage," but, anyway, that's just my opinion. —Jim Dixon, Detroit 

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