Portable personal trainer

If you could carry your very own personal trainer and health adviser with you everywhere, would it change your life? The creators of the Vivonic Fitness Planner are counting on it. The fitness planner is a handheld device, much like a Palm Pilot. It functions with your home PC and comes with software. Weighing 2.2 ounces and measuring a trim 3.5-inches-by-2.5-inches, it is small enough to put into a gym bag, purse or coat pocket. You program the planner by answering a series of questions about your age and physical condition, allowing it to track your exercise and diet program for you. It offers regular reports on how well you’re progressing. The Vivonic Fitness Planner is battery-operated and has PC memory requirements. It also functions as a pedometer and will attach to a belt or waistband with a built-in clip. Get it at REI's Web site or REI stores for about $200. Learn more about this product at www.vivonic.com.

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