Retail: Lynch's in Dearborn keeps the spirit of Halloween alive all year round

Oct 22, 2014 at 1:00 am

Lynch's is a fun place; there's no two ways about it. Mention this store and, undoubtedly, someone will have gone here for a childhood full of dance recital tights. Or maybe they lusted after a rentable costume head. Or perhaps they donned the store's Raggedy Ann getup a time or two. Lynch's bills itself as a "theatrical performance store," and we'd say that's a pretty accurate description. They keep the Halloween spirit all year long.

Unlike the Halloween stores that set up shop in old Blockbusters and bookstores this time of year, Lynch's isn't over-the-top corny. It doesn't reek of cheap plastic, and you won't be bombarded with slutty nurse costumes upon arrival. Really, it looks more like the church basement closet where they keep all the costumes for the Nativity play. As long as the Nativity includes a cheery clown and a lot of wigs.

The inside is nothing special, but those looking to build their own costume will find everything they need at a reasonable price. Clown shoes, top hats, every kind of glove you can imagine, a menagerie of beads, a wall of masks, and even a few baskets of creepy crawlies are all part of their wares. And that's just downstairs.

Take a trip to the second story, and you'll find the store's rentable costumes. Sure, some of them look like they've lasted since the '50s, but that's just part of their charm. Renaissance-style costumes, parrot costumes, angels, devils, flapper dresses, zoot suits – they've got it all. –Alysa Offman