July 10-16, 2002

11 THU • MUSIC The Get Up Kids at Clutch Cargo’s The Get Up Kids have long since crossed the threshold into the territory of "cultural phenomenon." What started out as a bunch of Midwestern kids piggybacking the "emotive" (read as "almost ballsy enough to scream") grooves of underground heroes like Native Nod and Cap’n Jazz have turned into a Hot Topic-ready factory of emo-pop hit-makers. Over the years they’ve gone from singing the sentiments of 16-year-olds to chugging out cleverly reinvented power-pop mush for 16-year-old mall rats with allowances to blow. Today, these cutesy captains of the emo empire have bankrolls the size of a Third World country, are warming up for a stadium tour later this summer and have almost single-handedly inspired chat-room romance around the world. At least the band still looks down to earth and savvy in its Salvation Army T-shirts. The Kids descend in our own back yard at Clutch Cargo’s (65 E. Huron, Pontiac; call 248-333-2362.)

11 THU • MUSIC Huun Huur Tu — From the tiny central Asian republic of Tuva (a patch of land sandwiched between Siberia and Mongolia) comes some of the world's most creative musical renegades. Huun Huur Tu is perhaps the only practicing troupe of Tuvan throat singers that we’re likely to see in this hemisphere. The quartet’s ability to simultaneously hum and sing two (or sometimes three) pitches at once while accompanying themselves on the igil,(cq) byzaanchi,(cq) khomuz (cq)and dazhaanning khavy (cq) might be hard to imagine with Western ears. But it’s much more than a cacophony of otherworldly noise. These ambassadors present haunting, tuneful strains that have the power to be joyous, mournful and chilling — sometimes all at once. Huun Huur Tu will perform at the Ark (316 S. Main, Ann Arbor). Doors open at 7:30 p.m.; call 734-761-1451 for information.

12 FRI • MUSIC The Waxwings, Soledad Brothers, Arlo Beginning with the Northwest power-pop outfit, Arlo, the Magic Stick (4120 Woodward, Detroit, call 313-833-9700) has a lock on the most interesting and diverse show of the weekend. Arlo’s catchy pop will be followed by the Soledad Brothers energetic explosions of Ohio-meets-Detroit-meets-Delta blues; the evening will close with a harmony-laden set from the Waxwings.

13 SAT • FUN FOR ALL Fourth Street Fair It's time for Detroit’s annual Fourth Street Fair, a one-day free event in the true spirit of grass-roots, punk-rock, low-budget fun. The fair takes place at Fourth and Holden streets (a young, funky, artsy low-rent neighborhood) and features a variety of vendors and cheap refreshments. There will also be three stages and many live acts, including Queen Bee, Forge, the Lanternjack, Fire Fabulon, the Amino Acids, Bogue and a burlesque show from the Motorettes with DJ Top Kat. The fun starts roughly at noon and ends at about midnight. To get there, take Woodward to Antoinette and go west until you come across Fourth Street, just west of Cass and before the Lodge.

13 SAT • MUSIC Gore Gore Girls CD Release Party Celebrating its second full-length collection, Up All Night, the Gore Gore Girls will be joined by Slumber Party and a new trio line-up of the Bloody Holly’s at the Magic Stick (4120 Woodward, Detroit; call 313-833-9700). Up All Night is a rough-around-the-edges blend of R&B back beat, Detroit garage and ’60s pop. A long day at the Fourth Street Fair couldn’t have a sweeter conclusion.

15 MON • FUN FOR ALL Free Days at the Zoo & Belle Isle Aquarium Every Monday through August, the Detroit Zoo will host free days for children. Geared toward youngsters 2–12, zoo admission will be free to kids who bring a paying adult. For those who prefer scales to fur, the charming Belle Isle Aquarium will open its doors free for children every Wednesday through August. The Detroit Zoo is at 8450 W. 10 Mile at Woodward, Royal Oak. The Belle Isle Aquarium is on Belle Isle, East Jefferson at East Grand Blvd., Detroit. Call 248-398-0900 for more information.

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