Horoscopes (May 3-9)

ARIES (March 21- April 20):

You can perform miracles. Any doubt that this is true could hold you back. At the moment, all kinds of good stuff is germinating. As you wonder what it will take to get from A to B, the deeper part of you sees this as a work in progress. At least now you are sure that your time has been well spent. One day at a time, and the idea that we birth our dreams as we go, are thoughts to keep in mind. Blasts from the past, and other old ghosts are due to resurface with all kinds of issues on their minds. Don't let them eat up too much of your attention. You have bigger fish to fry.

TAURUS (April 21 -May 20):

Questions that keep begging you to wonder if it's time to pick up and leave need to be met with a measure of restraint. It will be at least a week before you can see the forest for the trees. In the meantime, let people show you what they're made of and be mindful of what that says about them. Gossip is running all over the place. By the time it gets back to you, it'll be too many removes from the truth to get upset about. The last thing you need is to let yourself be distracted by lesser mortals — especially now, when your truer calling is waking up the wish to make a difference.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20):

Everyone's expecting way too much. You've got the ways and means to deal with this, but the way things are going, it's already starting to look totally unfair. Don't let yourself be swayed by the intensity. Your strength lies in your ability to turn on a dime and stay one step ahead of every one else. As far as that goes, it looks to me like you've got nothing to fear. Whoever, or whatever, is there to undermine your sense of purpose isn't smart enough, and they are no longer in control. For the next few weeks, your biggest challenge will be to stay focused on your Self, and the work at hand.

CANCER (June 21-July 20):

You've come a long way. Looking back over the last few years, it's been like some sort of initiation. If you are willing to continue to maintain the same level of honesty that you're working with now, the next few months will reward you with more than one opportunity to get some mileage out of all the effort you've expended. Don't be afraid to develop something of your very own, and don't let anyone tell you that you can't make it work. You'd be surprised what will work for you right now. Watch for signs, and be open to offers of help and support.

LEO (July 21-Aug. 20):

The three-ring circus appears to be running smoothly. You are feeling big enough to handle all of it and looking forward to more. In the next few weeks, you will begin to notice that what's moving along nicely will become subject to time constraints and timing issues. This means you're going to have to stop long enough to make adjustments and fix whatever gets broken before you go forward. If bigger and better is where you're headed, in order to go there you need to stay humble, keep it simple, and know enough to take everyone's interests into account.

VIRGo (Aug. 21-Sept. 20):

The way things are going, you are either on top of it and ready for anything, or, totally down for the count. It will take a few more months for the need to keep it all together to turn into something else. Whether you feel strong or weak, there is no need to get carried away by any of this because the lessons are coming through loud and clear. There could be a need to stand up for yourself in order to protect what is yours. There could also be a sense that it's time to pick up and leave, or go back to where you came from. Either way, on some level you are turning straw into gold.

LIBRA (Sept. 21-Oct. 20):

Waiting to see how long it will take for your wish to come true is driving you nuts. It's been so long without any positive feedback, you're starting to wonder about yourself. Pressure from others has become an issue. Real or imagined, that too, is driving you nuts. So much has changed in such a short time, it may be important to adjust at least some of your pictures, or be open enough to move in a new direction. I say this because opportunities to do what you've never done before are due to start popping out of the woodwork. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

SCORPIO (Oct. 21-Nov. 20):

For the last month or so your story has been full of life and death themes that make you wonder about what all of this means. It's a good thing you're digging deeper. Ultimate questions have raised issues that make it important for you to come to terms with the past. The things we gloss over have a tendency to show up on our door step sooner or later. Parental issues, "kid stuff," old stories, and anyone or anything that triggers our older wounds — all of that is up for review. As much as it feels like the last thing you want to see, don't make the mistake of pretending it isn't there.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 21-Dec. 20):

It does no good to give yourself a hard time for falling into an old trap; so what? Things are crazy enough. Don't make them worse by beating yourself up. If you really look at your situation, everything's fine. The only thing that isn't working is the idea that whatever's going on should be some other way. You can only go by what's right in front of you, and right now, the scenery is changing too fast for you to be able to tell the difference between the forest and the trees, or stand a chance of being able to micromanage whatever your next move turns out to be.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 20):

Finally! After all this you are beginning to get the picture. For the last (X) number of years you've knocked yourself out trying to make things work. You've gotten so good at it you deserve a raise, or a promotion, or some level of recognition for all of this effort. If you've had it up to here, just about anything could be happening. Half of you have already left, and half of you have yet to make up your mind. Give things two more weeks to get clear. If you're still present and accounted for, thank your lucky stars that the deeper part of your nature is equipped to handle anything.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feb. 20):

For some reason, whatever it took to get you here is finally worth it. The stress and the pressure to conform has at last given way to the need to make things work. As far as you are concerned, what happens next can be anything. Don't be in a big rush to patch it all together. Things that are worth anything take time to grow. To push anything, or to think that it's really OK to go straight from the frying pan into the fire is insane. Hold steady. Be there for the ones who matter, and let your current affairs unfold naturally. You have all the time in the world to get off to a whole new start.

PISCES (Feb. 21-March 20):

Figuring out where you stop, and everyone else begins is always the issue with you guys. Your boundaries are a little too permeable in general — and this is truer than usual, right now. What everyone wants and expects from you is always too much. Between your kids, your partner, your parents, and whatever the master plan involves, try drawing the line. I say this because it's the internal piece that needs attention right now. All the money, support, and validation in the world won't keep things rolling if you're not solid enough inside to be clear about what you want.

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