Crimecraft: Bleedout

MMO for the dedicated gamer

Crimecraft: Bleedout



Alrighty, a few things caught my eye here. First of all, it's a PC title. Second, it's a free PC title. Yes, with the generosity of our pals over at Steam, Crimecraft: Bleedout is all ours. Other than the frustrating registration process, (go to the game's website, fill out a little info, get e-mails, yadda-yadda), it's a neat-o experience set in the future. For a whopping $0 you're bound to have a little fun shootin' things, right? What more needs to be said? Well, I'll tell you:

MMO shooters seem to be on the rise, with titles such as the infamous All Points Bulletin and such. Some things I never really cared for were the whole custom-character deals; you know, clothing your character, giving them a reputation, all that jazz. In all, Crimecraft is definitely worth a try; there are some cool animations, some graphic violence, and lots of people to play with. With that in mind, those who brought us this title didn't rate it in any fashion, and the content isn't rated by the ESRB. This is definitely not for the young ones out there. Best just watch Dad play it, and envy the luscious maps (when run on the high settings, of course), covet the many weapon customization combos, and envy the bloodbath of free online fun. (Little tyke: Maybe next year.)



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