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Jul 9, 2003 at 12:00 am
First Place, color

Craig Brithinee, Walled Lake

"I've been messing around with cameras for over 20 years now," says Craig Brithinee, who at 48 has yet to consign himself to the tutelage of a photography instructor. Brithinee's self-taught hobby began as a result of his love of the outdoors; the first pictures he took were of Michigan's rivers and waterfalls, and only recently has his work expanded to include portraits and landscapes. Brithinee shot this image at Cranbrook Gardens using a Nikon 4004 with a 75-300 mm lens, when "the lighting was just right." He says he was drawn to the feeling of "closeness" projected by the statue. "I call the picture Touching Hands," he says. By day, Brithinee remodels homes for a construction company and works in production for Eagle Industries. He received an honorable mention in Metro Times' 2001 Photo Contest.